DE OEM style bonnet hood for Nissan Z33 350z
  • DE OEM style bonnet hood for Nissan Z33 350z

DE OEM style bonnet hood for Nissan Z33 350z

Delivery in 3-4 weeks

Exceptional quality, OEM fitment.

Weight around 6kg.

Has threads for hinges and latch.

Perfect for any race / drift car build or as a replacement part.

Made of directional glass bibre cloth not usual matt which add strength and flexibility.

Made To Order


High Quality guarantee


Money Back guarantee


Secure Shopping guarantee

General Information:

  • TUV Austria certified parts.
  • Mede of highest quality directional fiberglass cloth (not your usual fiberglass mat) which makes it not only lighter but at the same time stonger.
  • We use only highest quality resins which make the part more flexible and prevents part from cracking after some time. (aerospace approved resins)
  • Part comes in white or grey color, unpainted, gloss surface
  • Ideal for any street car build or any kind of motor-sport use.
  • All parts are made according to our strict quality standards.
  • Lightweight yet very flexible and durable
  • These parts are made to order therefore please allow around 7-10 days for production and around 7-21 days for transport (depending on location)
Do not hesitate to CONTACT US should you have any questions regarding this product or shipping.
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