Wide drag front bumper for Honda CRX EE8
  • Wide drag front bumper for Honda CRX EE8
  • Wide drag front bumper for Honda CRX EE8

Wide drag race front bumper for Honda CRX EE8

Delivery in 2-3 weeks

Will fit only with our wider front fenders..

Add around 80mm each side.

Exceptional quality, perfect fitment

Perfect for any drag racers

Made of directional glass bibre cloth not usual matt which add strength and flexibility

Made To Order


High Quality guarantee


Money Back guarantee


Secure Shopping guarantee

General Information:

  • TUV Austria certified parts.
  • Mede of highest quality directional fiberglass cloth (not your usual fiberglass mat) which makes it not only lighter but at the same time stonger.
  • We use only highest quality resins which make the part more flexible and prevents part from cracking after some time. (aerospace approved resins)
  • Part comes in white or grey color, unpainted, gloss surface
  • Ideal for any street car build or any kind of motor-sport use.
  • All parts are made according to our strict quality standards.
  • Lightweight yet very flexible and durable
  • These parts are made to order therefore please allow around 7-10 days for production and around 7-21 days for transport (depending on location)
Do not hesitate to CONTACT US should you have any questions regarding this product or shipping.
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