Availability of stock.

Due to large offer, size of parts and huge warehouse needed to store ready to ship stock majority of our parts are made to order (MTO). That means we will need 10-20 working days to produce your parts and prepare the shipment. We always try to keep small stock of some of our most popular items but please be aware we can`t guarantee availability at the time of your order, so please be always prepared for above lead time.

Shipping and delivery.

Continental Europe:

In large part usual express couriers like DHL, UPS or DPD consider our items to be OVERSIZE therefore we use well established road freight companies like Raben or Suus to deliver our products within continental Europe. Usual transport time is between 5 and 10 days. They provide online tracking so as soon as we ship the package/pallet, we`ll update order status in your account on our website. 

 Great Britain:

We now use independent van couriers for deliveries to Great Britain. The driver usually picks up all UK orders on Thursdays, drive straight to UK and delivers them during the weekend, so please be aware, that when we change the status of your order to SHIPPED, make yourself available during the weekend. The driver will call you to arrange exact time of delivery as well. Please be advised, that this type of transport does not provide online tracking information but on the other hand you can be sure that if your order was picked up given week, it will be delivered during the same week`s weekend ;)

Overseas orders (USA, AUS, NZ, SA, CAN)

We can deliver our products worldwide but let`s face it guys... to some locations shipping of such large items like hoods, bumpers or full body kits is not an easy task. Majority of packages are considered to be oversize for most of reasonably priced couriers that can quickly transport smaller by air services, so we usually use sea freight companies to deliver to your locations. Sea freight companies charge for minimum of 1 cubic metre of load so we always advise our overseas customers to consider ordering more parts or maybe make a group orders so that shipping costs can be split afterwards for more people or larger amount of parts. 

Orders containing full body kits are not a problem as they`re much larger than 1 cubic metre but if you consider ordering 1 pair of doors, 1 hood or 1 roof panel please contact us and we`ll try to estimate shipping cost individually, and make shipping cost as affordable as possible.

Important part... Because by ordering from EU you become an IMPORTER in eyes of your government, please note that in majority of cases there will be import tax/customs to be paid upon arrival of the shipment in your country. Shipping charge you pay to Radical Tuning DOES NOT include any of these additional taxes and fees.

For US customers - Due to strict import procedure in your country, you will need to find some "Customs brokerage company" that will deal with all import documentation and customs fees for you. There`s hundreds of them on the market and they all do the same stuff so please after you decide to order from us please do a quick search on google for such company, give them a call and ask if they will be able to handle this shipment for you. After your order is paid we will ask you for full details of your broker as we`ll need to put them in export paperwork on our side before we ship.


 Your package will be insured but we will be unable to accept returns if packaging has marks of significant damage at the time of delivery and you signed off the package with courier without any objections. We pack all items securely to protect parts from any damage, but please carefully examine the packaging against any damages that may indicate the contents may be broken, and inform the courier if you`re concerned items may be damaged. Make sure that courier fills out proper damage protocol, give you a copy of it. It is a good idea to take some pictures of the damaged package. 

As soon as you see the package or it`s contents are damaged, please inform us by sending an e-mail to radical@radicaltuning.eu with detailed description and photos of the packaging and broken items so we can start the claim with the carrier. This also allows us to ship replacement parts without waiting for return delivery of damaged parts.