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XYZ 400mm 8 POT Front Brake Kit for SUBARU Impreza WRX STI BRZ Legacy

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Caliper: 8-pot

Disk Size: 400mm

Disk Thickness: 36mm

Disk Type: Drilled, Floating, Ventilated

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2 795 €

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BRZ 12UP 5x100 BKF-SU-01/A
IMPREZA GC8 (WRX) 97-00    5x100 BKF-SU-003
IMPREZA GDB (WRX) 00-07    5x100  BKF-SU-004
IMPREZA GDB (E/F)(STI) 05-07 5x114.3 BKF-SU-005
IMPREZA GRB (WRX) 07-13 5x100 BKF-SU-05/A
IMPREZA GRB GH2 07-13 5x100 BKF-SU-05/B
IMPREZA GRB GH3    07-13 5x100 BKF-SU-05/C
IMPREZA GRB GH7    07-13 5x100 BKF-SU-05/D
IMPREZA GRB (STI) 07-13    5x114.3    BKF-SU-05/E
IMPREZA STI 97-00 5x100 BKF-SU-006
IMPREZA STI 02-04 5x100    BKF-SU-007
WRX AWD    14UP 5x114.3 BKF-SU-008
LEGACY 89-94 5x100 BKF-SU-009
LEGACY 94-99 5x100 BKF-SU-010
LEGACY (B4) 98-03 5x100    BKF-SU-011
LEGACY (B4-BL9)    03-09 5x100 BKF-SU-012
LEGACY (BL5) 03-09 5x100 BKF-SU-013
LEGACY BM9/BR9 09-14 5x100 BKF-SU-13/A
LEGACY BN 14UP 5x114.3 BKF-SU-13/B
STI 14UP 5x114.3 BKF-SU-015


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Complete brake kit content::

  • Two-piece type 400x36mm drilled disc x2 pieces
  • Lightweight aluminum center bell x2 pieces
  • Aluminum 8 POT calipers (Painted red, painted yellow, painted gold, painted black, anodized black) x2 pieces
  • High stiffness brake bracket x2 pieces
  • S/S brake lines x2 pieces
  • GG rated high performance brake pads x8 pieces/ 1set (HH rated race brake pad available on request)
  • Package with tools x1 set


  • Thickness of the disc is 36mm
  • Design of bigger vents provides a better function of heat dissipation.
  • Surface of the aluminum center bell is anodized. It will provide a better durability.
  • Design of a two-piece disc can effectively reduce the weight of the brake system.
  • Aluminum 8 POT forged and CNC machined calipers (Standard color: Painted red, painted yellow, painted gold, painted black  or any other painted colors 100EUR extra)
  • High stiffness brake brackets with high ductility bolts
  • Stainless steel Teflon brake lines
  • GG rated high performance brake pads for fast road and track (HH rated race brake pad available on request)


The discs from XYZ are the best choice for high performance car models. Ventilated ribs with large diameter can smoothly lead in a great amount of airflow from inside to outside. It will make a better function of heat dissipation. The design of drilled discs can enhance friction factor, reduce the weight of discs, take out the high temperature immediately produced from working, and keep stable braking function. The thickness, 36mm, of the discs can provide a better structural strength. This 400mm brake system is suitable for a 20 inch or a larger wheel.


XYZ's floating discs are available for 330mm, 355mm, 380mm, 400mm, 420mm, 444mm.

XYZ provides floating discs for 380mm, 400mm, 420mm and 444mm brake systems. No extra fee required. 330mm and 355mm kits with floating discs are 300EUR extra. Please choose your option from drop down menu above.


The center bells are made of aluminum. They are equipped with the characteristics of lightweight, good heat dissipation and high structural strength. The surface is IS anodized. It makes the center bells harder, increases durability in hard weather conditions, the duration of usage and make them look great too.


High performance forged and CNC machined aluminum 8 POT calipers. The standard colors are: painted red, painted yellow, painted gold, painted black,. You can choose any other painted color (extra 100EUR per set) to fit your car. Simply choose this option from drop down color menu and let us know color code  after the date of purchase.

Caliper Color Options: Painted red, yellow, gold, black and anodized black are our caliper standard colors.


XYZ tested many different types of brake pads by using them in racing competitions as well as in road applications. The brake pads that XYZ had chosen for their brake kits as standard, are high performance GG rated, low dust pads that can be used either for fast road driving or on the track. They guarantee low dust, worm up quickly don`t squaek and bite like a pitbull from first braking. As a spare parts you can use brake pads from many well known manufacturers like AP, Hawk, FERRODO or EBC.

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